We celebrate the people who wear our label not just for how they look but for who they are and how they are Shy Heroes in their world. Models are also role models for women that view them and we think it is only right to say a little about who they are as humans and how we connected with their values. We would like to introduce you to Adi. 

My names Adi, I’m 20 and I live over in Seddon. I live in a fab new little self sustaining house built on top of an old carpark. I work with kids and art running workshops and experiences for gifted young primary school kids. And spend the rest of the time up is my sewing room working whatever my latest creation may be.    

How are you a shy hero? What are the things you would like to promote in the world?
I think maybe through my work. Through the way that I react to a friend in need. Through how I contribute to the community around me. Through how I respond when shit hits the fan.

I value a do unto others attitude, emotional honesty, patience and the time to listen.

How do you connect with with Melbourne and its surrounding landscapes?
I love Melbourne to bits. You don’t have to look very hard to find something that sparks your imagination here. The diversity of this place is what makes it so special to live in. Every different part of Melbourne has such distinctive personalities. 

I also grew up part time about two and a half hours out of Melbourne along the great ocean road. Right up on a bushy hill looking down at the beach. As kids we used to go out and dig steps into the steep hillsides down to nests we’d build out of bark and Gum leaves. We’d find middens left from the Gadubanud people along the beach and grinding stones in the the bush. Swim way way out beyond the breakers to see who would go furthest. Catch abalone off the rocks and cook it on the outdoor fire. Victorian bush lands are a quite magical places. I love where I live and I’m one lucky gal. 

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion has been something I have been totally intrigued by and in awe of ever since I was tiny. I was just so obsessed by every aspect of it that as soon as I could talk everyone in the family was whisking me off to exhibitions and runway shows to feed my fascination. 

I now sew and create and to be able to sit down at my table with nothing but a sketch book and by the end of the day have a whole garment in my hands is my favourite feeling in the world.   

How did you feel modelling and what did you hope to communicate with you body to other woman?
The whole day of the shoot was magical. A lot of us hadn’t met before and it was just so easy and comfortable straight away. As the day went on it all just felt so effortless. In the past shoots have made me feel a little out of place but this shoot was something so authentic and relaxed it was my favourite I’ve ever done. As soon as I put the clothes on I just felt good. It was such a hot sunny day and everything is linen and flowy and it was just perfect. The whole thing has been a pastel coloured, girl powered dream.   

What is your favourite shy hero piece and why?
Every time I think I’ve picked my favourite I remember something else that I LOVED . I do think the kimono top is a bit of a stand out but I also loved the pants and skirt! The Bat-birds print is primo and I friggin loved peach linen. Love love LOVE it ladies.