We celebrate the people who wear our label not just for how they look but for who they are and how they are Shy Heroes in their world. Models are also role models for women that view them and we think it is only right to say a little about who they are as humans and how we connected with their values. We would like to introduce you to Natalia. 

How are you a Shy Hero? What are the things you stand for that you would like to promote more of in the world?
Being a shy hero to me means having a quiet confidence. It means living authentically; striving to live a life that aligns with your values. I think the world could do with more empathy and compassion; the simple act of seeing something through another person's perspective can help us make kinder decisions -- decisions that reflect our best selves. I'm also a  youth worker and coordinate a mentoring program for young people in out-of-home care at Whitelion ( It's wonderful to see the growth in young people's confidence and self-belief simply by being matched with a mentor who believes in them and genuinely cares about them. It's easy to forget that not everyone has someone like that in their life.

How do you connect with Melbourne and it's natural surrounds?
I am a camping convert and enjoy getting out and spending a few days camping in the bush. I'm also really lucky to have moved to an apartment with a balcony that has a nice view of a garden and beautiful gum trees. There's something special and grounding about being able to connect with nature from your living room. I think that connection is especially important when you work 9-5 and live in the inner city. 

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is self-expression. It's a chance to be anything you want to be on any given day. I get a lot of enjoyment from my clothes and see it as a pretty big component of how I express who I am and how I'm feeling.

How did you feel modelling and what did you hope to communicate with your body to other women?
I felt wonderful and had a lot of fun modeling. It's always inspiring to connect with people who are going out there and making their dreams come true so it was really special to play a small part in that. All of the Shy Hero team and the other models, Tilly and Adi, are such genuinely lovely women too and the whole day had a magical energy to it. It was my first time modeling so I wasn't really thinking of big questions like what I wanted to communicate to other women - I was busy feeling awkward and self-conscious haha - but I do feel strong and happy in my body. Over the last couple of years, through my martial arts training I've become stronger - mentally and physically - and I enjoy being, feeling, and looking strong. I hope that other women feel powerful in their bodies also.

What is your favourite Shy Hero piece and why?
I love love love the wide leg Tempest pant and the matching cami with the watercolour gum leaves. They're classic, effortlessly elegant, and so easy to wear. The cuts of those pieces are timeless and I can see myself cherishing those pieces for many years to come.