We celebrate the people who wear our label not just for how they look but for who they are and how they are Shy Heroes in their world. Models are also role models for women that view them and we think it is only right to say a little about who they are as humans and how we connected with their values. We would like to introduce you to Simone.

I am really enjoying my life right now. I am a mum to little Charlotte which has created a beautiful balance in my life! With all the negativity that gets thrown around about parenthood, I have been so grateful to discover a much more positive experience. I have a newfound peace within myself, more time and energy for my family and friends, less stress and I’m feeling more creative than ever before!

How are you a shy hero? What are the things you would like to promote in the world?
I love the concept behind Shy Hero - about celebrating women and in particular women’s bodies. I have finally reached a point, now at 31 years of age and after having a baby, where I am comfortable in my skin. I speak positively to myself about my body and I eat what I want and move the way I want so my body is finding its natural groove. It is so liberating to feel the weight of negative self-talk lift. All women deserve to be free from self-judgement and we need to band together to help each other feel beautiful. I definitely have friends who help me in this way. It’s important to me that I try to be healthy in my mind and body so that I am a good example to my daughter of how to love yourself inside and out. Also when I feel good about myself I am more able to inject positivity into conversations with other women about their bodies and other aspects of their lives rather than connecting with women over self-deprecating complaints about our bodies which I notice happens all the time.

How do you connect with Melbourne and its surrounding landscapes?
Tom and I love to go for walks with Charlotte around the nearby billabong and the river or parks. We have always loved going for long drives, visiting beautiful wineries and going to the farmers market and eating delicious fresh food grown from Victorian farms. These are rituals that we share as a family and they make me feel connected to Melbourne and its landscapes.

What does fashion mean to you?
Most of my wardrobe is secondhand clothing from friends and op shops. I love the feeling of striking gold at an op shop and I take pride in the fact that my outfits cost little to me and the environment. It’s important to me that I don’t contribute to the fast fashion epidemic, particularly since having a baby and buying baby clothes. Kmart is an attractive option because of such cheap prices, but I can’t bring myself to compromise on quality and ethics. When I do buy clothing, I choose brands that promote handmade long-lasting quality, and that are simple pieces that suit my body shape and can be mix and matched.

How did you feel modelling and what did you hope to communicate with your body to other woman?
I felt like a total princess modelling the beautiful Shy Hero collection. The clothes I wore suited my feminine style and also allowed a freedom of movement that I loved. I felt like I could trample through grasses, let the ocean lick the bottom of the skirt and sit on rocks without being too delicate - these garments are certainly ready for adventures! Women’s bodies are incredible and deserve to feel this kind of freedom. Fuck wearing uncomfortable clothes that don’t suit your body - I want women to feel good in their own skin and find clothes that flatter their bodies and make them feel themselves.

What is your favourite shy hero piece and why?
I loved everything I wore. I think my favourite pieces are the picnic skirt paired with the leaflet Cami in the same fabric. I adored the peach linen and the bat birds! The skirt fit like a glove, is flowy and it has pockets so it won me over!