Dress Up

If you woke up tomorrow morning without any body image issues how would that change how you dress?

Would you wear clothes that actually felt comfortable, that allowed you to move with freedom rather than restrict how much of your skin moved when you walked. Would you wear fun clothes, clothes that didn't fit in, that only drew attention. Would you wear clothes that actually kept you warm and made you feel safe even though they they didn't fit the dress code. How would it change how you dress? 

Who says we can't start behaving that way now? If we just started dressing the way we wanted to without considering our body image issues, because cognition, emotion and behaviour are so closely related, maybe our thoughts and feelings would follow and we could positively impact our body image from the outside in.   

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share them below. 



Reference: Ideas from listening to Hillary L. McBride via The Liturgists Podcast on Body Image.