Shy Hero Team


Shy Hero Team


We celebrate the people who wear our label not just for how they look but for who they are and how they are Shy Heroes in their world. Models are also role models for women that view them and we think it is only right to say a little about who they are as humans and how we connected with their values.

We would like to introduce you to Dalia...

A little sentence about you:

I work as a dental nurse, I'm a huge foodie. 90% of my clothing are black. I love being at the beach.

How are you a shy hero? What are the things you would like to promote in the world?

I would promote generosity. I think people should do things for others and not expect anything back. I personally believe there is more power in giving then receiving.


How do you connect with Melbourne and its surrounding landscapes?

I enjoy brunch,dinner dates and sight seeing.

What does fashion mean to you?

To me I dress depending on my mood. Fashion is a great way for me to express myself.


How did you feel modelling and what did you hope to communicate with your body to other woman?

 On the day of the shoot there were different body shape, and skin tone being represented. The clothes made me feel comfortable and beautiful in my body. I hope thats how every women feels when they wear shy hero.

 What is your favourite shy hero piece and why?

My favourite piece is the Sanctuary coat. It made me feel strong and beautiful, there's so many ways I can wear it.