Hilary Green


Hilary Green

We celebrate the people who wear our label not just for how they look but for who they are and how they are Shy Heroes in their world. Models are also role models for women that view them and we think it is only right to say a little about who they are as humans and how we connected with their values.

We would like to introduce you to Jessie...

A little sentence about you:
I am a country gal, living the dream in the big smoke. That being said, I need to venture back to country semi-regularly to recharge my batteries. I love to cook, am a passionate music lover and my favourite activities are curling up in cosy spot to read a book and going on long, slow walks in beautiful places.


How are you a shy hero? What are the things you would like to promote in the world? I think I am a shy hero because I’ve spent most of my full-time working life in a non-profit organisation and the public sector. I am passionate about working in a sector that improves the lives of all Victorian’s and I can't really see myself doing anything else! I also feel quite passionate about making sure all of my friends, colleagues and family are nourished at all times with delicious food and drink which is a very important role that I am happy to be burdened with.


How do you connect with Melbourne and its surrounding landscapes?
I like to take myself out for solo adventures every now and then… I might go to a new restaurant for lunch and see an art exhibition, visit the Japanese Onsen or on a nice day, I might see a movie by myself and then sit in a park and read. With friends, I like to drive somewhere scenic and go for a walk… Hanging Rock, The Dandenongs, Mornington Peninsula… or do something fun and indulgent… fish and chips at beach, a soak at the Peninsula Hot Springs, red wine and a cheese platter in Tolmie.


What does fashion mean to you?

I have always loved getting dressed up! The older I get though, the more I am understanding the value of investing in well made, ethical pieces that will last the test of time. I like wearing comfortable pieces and try to dress to suit me rather than to be ‘on trend’. I have always thought that it doesn’t matter how you are made… shape, size, height…. The most important thing is to learn what works for you and find your groove.


How did you feel modelling and what did you hope to communicate with your body to other woman?
Modelling for Shy Hero was great fun! I would like to communicate with my body, my voice and all of my being, my unwavering belief that all women deserve to feel content and happy just as they are. Society tells us to constantly compare ourselves to others in a way that can promote a deep seeded feeling of not being ‘enough’. I am working really hard to shake that off and in turn have started setting myself free!


What is your favourite shy hero piece and why?

I love the ‘A Tempo’ dress because it covers all my bases! Comfortable, beautiful to look at, good quality fabric and it can be worn in all seasons.