Hand Made Clothing for Heroic Women

Our Story

Shy Hero is about embracing and celebrating women and their bodies in all their forms. Bigger, thinner, bodies that started off life as male, little boobs, big bums, no bums, soft bellies, hard bellies. We want to celebrate them all. But not in the sense of selling our bodies for gain, but recognising our bodies; saying this is woman and it is beautiful.

We are about making comfortable and beautiful clothes for women, the shy heroes of this world. 

All our garments are designed, printed and hand made in Melbourne by three magical women that love to dream and create. Our first line captures our love of Australian surroundings; from the bush, to the back streets of Coburg.



We are a team of three. Karina Newnham, Amy Masterson and Hilary Green. We each came together as long term friends in 2016 to begin brainstorming and combining our superpowers. We each have similar values and aesthetic taste but we also found that we each have something different and unique that has helped us build our brand. Combined we have experience in environmental sustainability, art, fashion and teaching. We intend to continue cooking up ideas together to mix playfulness and sophistication with our hope to create something that women feel proud to wear.



OUR Values


Slow Fashion is a term first coined by Kate Fletcher in her 2007 article published in The Ecologist. It represents the ideas of 'ethical' clothing all rolled up into one movement. Slow fashion is a gentle revolution which encourages producers and consumers to consider quality production, product value, and connection to people and the environment. These values definitely resonate with us. 

Mainstream fashion is what you would call fast fashion. It is about mass productions, trends, and low prices. All things which sway people into buying more for less to keep up, without consideration of the cost and who ends up paying it. We aim to step out of this process; all our clothes are made to last so one piece will be loved and worn throughout trends, seasons and occasions. Only when we can step out of the world’s processes of violent accumulation can all people be respected and honoured.



Absolutely core to Shy Hero is women. We want to honour female-identifying people in all we create. We do that by designing clothes that respect people and enable them to feel and look comfortable and beautiful. We take on the responsibility of promoting our brand through body diversity, rather than promoting one way of being. Lastly we consider our makers. It’s not possible to create something beautiful without honouring the people that are part of the creation from the beginning. 



All our garments are made to order (which does mean you'll have to wait a little longer for your perfect piece but trust us, its for great reasons). Made to order garments mean that waste is minimised as we aren't making clothes which will never reach the wearer. We create minimal waste pattern-making so no extra fabric is lost. We even have plans to use the scraps for scrunchies!! 

We make our garments to last. Which to us means trend free clothing and quality craftsmanship. We want our garments to stand the test of time and to be loved throughout seasons. However, when they've been well loved, hand down, op shopped and repurposed we also want them to be able to degrade. All our clothing is made from linen which is not only good for you, it’s also good for the planet. To read more about this wonder fabric, click below. 


We're not perfect but we strive to value people and place. If you have any thoughts on ways we could improve our practise we would love to hear about them. Please get in contact with us.